Living Room Essentials Checklist

Standing in the doorway of an empty living room in your new apartment or home can be a daunting feeling. With so many options for furniture, accessories, and decorations to choose from, it is not always easy to know how to fill your space. Furthermore, depending on specific preferences and aesthetics, everyone will want something a little different to make their home feel like home. And with different spatial limitations, some living rooms can accommodate different furniture than others.

Still, there are some living room essentials that we feel can and should be incorporated into nearly any space. From living room furniture to entertainment options to accessories and decorations, this living room essentials checklist will help you decide what you do and don’t need in your home. Read on for more!

By far the most important category of living room decor is the furniture. Furniture takes up the most space and therefore is often the first thing someone will notice when they walk into your living room. While there are many different possible configurations, we believe some living room furniture is simply essential to any home. This section will include an array of living room furniture ideas and some information on these staples.

You guessed it. Probably the single most important piece of furniture in any living room is the sofa. Couches tend to be the largest and most expensive pieces you will buy, and we all know how important it is to have a comfy place to rest our bodies after a long day. Furthermore, everything else in the room tends to revolve around the sofa – so this is a good place to start shopping for living room furniture in order to set a benchmark for both budget and style.

So, you’ve chosen your sofa. You are off to a great start and now have the centerpiece of your living room in place! What’s next? Many people love coffee tables because they provide a central surface area for glasses, magazines, TV remotes, etc. However, some prefer a more ‘open’ feel to their living room and opt to go with end tables rather than a coffee table. This is truly a matter of personal preference, but we think coffee tables tend to bring a living room together without overwhelming the space.

For most homes, the TV is the focal point of the living room. From TV stands, to entertainment fireplaces, to full entertainment centers, the options for how to house your TV can be overwhelming. We recommend choosing a media console that blends well into the room while providing all the functionality you need. Remember to choose a unit that fits your TV, and be sure to consider whether you will be wall-mounting your television or not. If you want a more hidden look, try a TV armoire – which will contain your TV in a cabinet with doors, concealing it when it is not in use. For living rooms pressed for space, try a corner unit.

Furniture is important, but it isn’t everything. By choosing the right accessories, you can take your living room to the next level. Accessories can add a huge amount of style and functionality, without breaking the bank. Here are our must-haves for your living room checklist.

Depending on your floor type, you may want to add an area rug to add a cozy feel and a nice ambiance to your living room. Rugs help rooms to feel warm and inviting, so they are great additions to living rooms! Find one that matches the design scheme of your room.

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